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Timer (command)

Timer <Status=On|Off> [<Msg=Yes|No>]

The timer command enables you to "stopwatch" a block of code.

In order to do this you must "start" the timer and then "stop" it. The on/off part of status is synonymous with start/stop

The Msg parameter is optional and defaults to "Yes". When Msg=Yes and you issue the command Timer Status=Off GSAK will display a message box with the number of seconds to 3 decimal places. If you specify Msg=No, GSAK will not show a message (your code just continues) but the system variable $_Timer is updated with the corresponding number of seconds. This allows you to save the value of this variable or take what ever action you like. Although valid, Msg=Yes has no meaning when Status=On. Also the system variable $_Timer is always updated regardless if you use Msg=Yes|No


Timer status=on
Delay ms=1200
Timer status=off


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