GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Backup (command)

BACKUP <File=Zipfile> [<Database=All|Database(s)>] [<Settings=Yes|No>] [<GrabbedImages=Yes|No>] 

This command enables you to backup GSAK (Same functionality as the GUI File=>Backup

File = The fully qualified zip file backup to create.
Database = The database names to backup. Separate each one with a ; (semi colon). The reserved value of "All" will select all databases for backup. You can leave out this parameter if you only want to back up the settings.
Settings = Optional and defaults to "Yes". Allows you to include/exclude settings for a backup.
GrabbedImages = Optional and defaults to No. Allows you to include/exclude grabbed images.   

Example, backup just two databases (Default and Myfinds) to your application data folder

Backup File=$_AppData\ Database=Default;Myfinds Settings=No

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