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Centre (command)

Centre [<Location="sNname">] [<Coordinates=sLatLon>]]

This command will set your current centre point. center (American spelling) is also supported.

Location - If you do not enter the LOCATION token then GSAK will set the current waypoint as centre, otherwise your centre point will be set to the location you specify. If you do specify a location, GSAK will check to make sure this is a valid location you have set up (See Tools=>Options=>Locations), unless you also enter COORDINATES

Coordinates - If you only enter the LOCATION parameter you will get an error if the LOCATION name does not exist as one of your locations (Tools=>Options=>Locations) If you add Coordinates=, then the LOCATION= is used only to name your centre point and the coordinates you enter are used.  In other words, the LOCATION name is only validated if COORDINATES= is not used.

Name = A location name (Tools=>Options=>Locations) to set as the centre point, or an arbitrary name if coordinates are used. 
Example 1 - set center on current waypoint


Example 2 - set center on a saved location (See Tools=>Options=Locations) called "Home"

Center Location="Home"

Example 3 - set center on a given coordinate (note: you must always include a location name when using this syntax)

Center Location="My location" Coordinates=-33.775,116.2227

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