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Choose (command)

CHOOSE [<Msg="message">] [<opt1="option 1">] [<opt2="option 2">] [<opt3="option 3">] [<opt4="option 4">] [<opt5="option 5">] [<Delay=nnn>]

This command enables you to solicit information from the user for up to 5 options (an alternative to the input command when there are a fixed number of alternatives). The option number selected is placed in the variable $Result (note this is a numeric variable). If you need more information from the user see the Form() function.

Msg = Enter the message which will display in the dialog heading. This is usually a description about what your choices are.
opt1-opt5 = Enter the description for each option, up to a maximum of 5 (but not all 5 need to be entered)
Delay - Allows the dialog to automatically close after nnn seconds. As the first item is always selected by default, ensure your first option is your desired default when there is no intervention. The left most section of the dialog caption will show a count down timer with the number of seconds ticking over before the dialog will close. If you want to stop the dialog from closing, any mouse click on the dialog will terminate the count down timer. This effectively enables you to convert the form on the fly to a normal dialog (without automatic close) if you do want to enter data.


choose msg=Select a color opt1="Black" opt2="White" opt3="Red"
  case $Result = 1
    msgok msg="Color selected is Black"
  case $Result = 2
    msgok msg="Color selected is White"
  Case $Result = 3
    msgok msg="Color selected is Red"

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