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Database (command)

DATABASE <Name="Database"> [<Action=select|create|delete>] [<Settings=Name>] [<StopStartupMacro=Y|N>

The DATABASE command allows you to select, create, or delete a GSAK database. When you select or create a database, it will remain current until another DATABASE or MOVECOPY command is used, or you specify a different database on a LOAD command.

Name = Name of the database, and you need to enclose in double quotes if the name contains spaces.
Action = Action to perform. Select = Select a database, Create = Create a new database, Delete = Delete a database. The default is Select.
Settings = Only used when Action=create. If left out, then the default database properties are used (same behaviour as if you checked the "use defaults" box when creating a database via the menu option Database=>New
StopStartUpMacro = Y=Yes, N=No. Set to Y to prevent the startup macro specified in Database properties from being run. Use this option when you want to make sure that your macro will not be affected by any database start up macros when opening a database under macro control (more information)

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