GSAK displays a "nag screen" after 21 days. You may still use GSAK after 21 days, but if you wish to remove the nag screen, registration is required.

Please note: Registration is a one off fee. Once paid your current version of GSAK is registered for life. Also, all updates to the current major version are free. For example, if you paid for a version 8 registration, version 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, etc will all be free.

Existing V7 registered users';} if ($regversion == '9') {echo 'Existing V8 registered users';} ?> : Don't pay here - you should use your discount link to get the reduced price. This link should be provided in a pop up screen when you first run Alternatively, you can get the link sent to you now by requesting a lost serial number here. ';} if ($regversion == '9') {echo 'here. ';} if ($regversion == '8') {echo 'If upgrading from Version 7 to version 8,';} if ($regversion == '9') {echo 'If upgrading from Version 8 to version 9,';} ?> you are entitled to a discount. For more information please see this link

Registration benefits:

1.  Removal of the nag screen, allowing you unrestricted use of GSAK.

2.  You get the warm and fuzzy feeling of saying thankyou to me in a tangible way.

3.  You help ensure the longevity and future advancement of GSAK.

4.  I can justify to my wife why I spend so much time on it!

Registration is $30 USD. Note: If you would like this registration to be a gift, please use use this link instead.

Registration information will be sent to the email address used in your PayPal payment (unless otherwise specified), so please make sure this is a valid address and you check this account for mail. Please also enter your name (if you have one) so I have an additional contact point should there be problems.

Pay here - just fill in your geocaching name (enter NA if you don't have one) then click on the PayPal button
';} if ($regversion == '9') {echo '';} ?> User Name

Note: PayPal will now accept credit cards directly - you DON'T have to set up a PayPal account.

Upon receipt of payment, I will send you a registration code via e-mail. Follow the instructions in that email to register your copy of GSAK