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Found Status Update (File>Load GPX/LOC)

Important Note: These options only apply to the loading of the incoming GPX file. After the GPX file has been loaded (using these options) GSAK will then interrogate your logs for found/DNF entries to update your found status and count etc (which may appear to contradict some of the settings you have used here). If you don't want GSAK to do this automatic log interrogation then turn this option off via Tools=>Options=>Advanced. For more information see interrogate logs for founds/DNFs 

Always - the found status of a cache in the database is always updated to whatever is in the GPX file you are about to load. A cache will be marked as found if the "Found Symbol" is matched. The default found symbol is "Geocache Found"
Found only - The found status is only changed if the incoming GPX file has the cache as found ("found symbol" matches), and the database has the cache marked as not found. That is, If you have manually marked a cache as found then this option will prevent this found status being cleared by the loading of the GPX.LOC file. Use this option if you often manually update your found status before you get the GPX files that reflect this. 
Never - The cache found status is never updated by the incoming GPX file
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