GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Link (File=>Export=>Microsoft S&T)

S&T allows you to have an associated URL with each waypoint. The GSAK default is to allocate the database URL (If your data was generated from GPX files from, this will be the cache page at

However, you can place any URL you like here. This is especially helpful when linking to the GSAK generated offline pages, or any GSAK supported URI

For example, to force GSAK to show its offline HTML page enter:


The drop down list shows a list of common links for you do use, but is by no means exhaustive. You can generate your own links using special tags as required.

However, there may be times when you do not have GSAK installed on the same computer, but would like to view the offline HTML pages that GSAK generates. In this situation, firstly generate the offline HTML, then tell the S&T export to use these generated files by checking the "xref.txt" button and select the xref.txt file that is placed in the "cache" folder when the generation is done.

Note: The xref.txt is only required when codes in your database have names that could produce an invalid file name (more information). If your database contains all GCXXXXX codes, then it would be safe to skip the xref.txt file and use syntax like:

file:///c:/HTML Folder/Cache/%code.htm

Where "HTML Folder" is where your GSAK exported HTML files are located
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