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8.6.0 17th March, 2016

   Added MarkDown support for logs as implemented by Groundspeak (more info)
   Added user find and hide counts to logs (more info)
   Added Geocacher Counts (more info)   
   Publish logs - added Next/Previous shortcut keys (more info
   Publish logs - symbol updated to "Geocache Found" when a found log is published (more info)
   Publish logs - added ability to update user notes directly from publish logs edit (more info
   Enabled automatic fetch of access token for api errors that appear to be fixable d by geting another token (more info)
   "Get Recent logs" dialog - scope is now "sticky" (more info)
   Get recent logs now defaults to 30 logs per call (more info)
   Added a "History of actions" table to assist in debugging problems (more info)
   We now use GetApiLimits to set page size for Groundsepeak api calls (more info)
   Macro form browser control - added ability to exit via a special link
   Added Shift/Ctrl to column hints (more info)
   Removed string "<!--" from log text on import (more info)
   Added sqlite function g_FormatCoordinates() more info
  "Define custom color" is now sticky (more info)
   Changes to cater for Groundspeak new api token expiry (more info)
   Added font size selection to grid print (more info)
   c:geo GPX files now correctly load child waypoints (more info)
   Added "Only loggable at Opencaching" attribute 
   Last 4 logs - enable custom color for "Owner maintenance log" (more info)
   Special tag %Last4 changed Owner maintenance log from O to M (more info)
   Added GGZ file support to "File=>Export=>GPX" (more info)
   Status check now updates last changed date (more info)
   Basecamp changes (more info)
   Added sub menus to custom URLs (more info)
   Google maps tweak for Windows XP users (more info)
   Log filter - added buttons to clear all and set all check boxes (more info)
   Changes to Status check report (more info)

   Publish logs - fixed an issue with "Macro to run after Fetch" (more info)
   Publish logs - fixed a problem when adding a single cache (more info)
   Publish logs - fixed a name search issue (more info)
   Publish log trackables - fixed a tracking code validation issue (more info)
   Publish logs - fixed a problem when double clicking "Publish Logs" button on toolbar (more info)
   Publish logs - fixed a problem when trying to add a waypoint from the map (more info)
   Publish logs - Fixed a problem with "Special" templates for non English languages (more info)
   Publish logs - Fixed a publish logs issue after running a "fetch" macro (more info)
   SysInfo() - fixed filter removal of "none;" (more info)
   Fixed a grid/filter problem (more info)
   Fixed a problem with ozi export when used in a macro (more info)
   Fixed a grid sorting issue with sqlite expression custom fields (more info)
   Fixed a problem when trying to fetch an access token for another user (more info)
   Name/Code search - fixed a search delay bug (more info)
   Fixed a BaseCamp export issue (morei nfo)
   Fixed an issue with condensed HTML print (more info)
   Fixed special tag %lat=s issue (more info)
   Fixed a problem with special tag %last4 when printing (more info)
   Fixed a GCalc (macro command) issue more info
  Fixed a Groundspeak api issue with non English version of GSAK (more info)
   Fixed error 581 (more info)
   Fixed a grid sorting issue (more info)
   Fixed a problem with macro system variable $_FilterCount (more info)
   Fixed a problem with macro system variable $_PublishLogsPreview (more info)
   Fixed an issue with file dialog on GPX load (more info)
   Fixed Google maps "browser is not supported" message (more info)
   Fixed an issue with log times (more info)
   Fixed Google maps "Driving directions" link (more info)
   Fixed encoding problem in CacheImages table (more info)
   Fixed CrLf incorrectly being appended to grabbed images (more info)
   Fixed a problem when using comments in sqlite (more info)
   Fixed a problem with macro command "Database" (more info)
   Fixed a GPX import problem with owner name (more info)
   Fixed a GPX export problem with travel bug names (more info)
   Fixed a problem with CustomGet() function not returning line feeds

8.5.0  24th February, 2015

   Better api feedback when limits exceeded (more info)
   API tweaks (more info)
   Speed tweaks (more info)
   Better error handling when creating "babel.bat" (more info)
   Error 205 now given when adding duplicate child waypoint names from Google map (more info)
   Internal Sqlite version updated (more info)
   GSAK now includes a  GSAKSqliteSpy.dll (more info)
   Added language support for Spanish and Catal.
   Publish logs - Added 5 new "Special" log templates (more info)
   Publish logs - better handling of "pi.htm" to prevent write errors (more info)
   Publish log images - automatic reading of exif data to correctly rotate images (more info)
   Publish logs - Garmin GPSr units now use geocache_logs.xml to get local date/time (more info)
   Publish logs - added cache type icon to grid display (more info)
   Publish logs - speed increase when using change button (more info)
   Publish logs - enabled adding of caches to current database that don't exist in the logs (more info)
   Publish logs - added macro to run after fetch (more info)
   Publish logs - added confirmation message to retrieve trackables when there is a large number (more info)
   Publish logs fetch - added option to convert "Unattempted" (more info)
   Publish logs - added ability to move grid columns (more info)
   Publish logs - "Add image" changes (more info)
   Publish logs - GUI tweaks (more info)
   Added "Freeze" checkbox to Dual screen (more info)
   Added option to remove use of local elevation database (more info)
   Added support for GPSr units that use MTP to send waypoints  (example, Garmin Monterra).
   Added Mtp() macro function
   Added "pre splash screen" dialog (more info)
   Added option to disable pre splash screen (more info)
   Changed Garmin Nuvi support (more info)
   Change to Macro file input boxes (more info)
   Added automatic retry for getmail (more info)
   Tweak to macro functions DateToSql() and DateToString()  (more info)
   Added ConfigOther.txt option to control number of retries for api limit exceeded (more info)
   Added support for Groundspeak change in child waypoint types (more info)
   Added support for Giga Event caches (more info)
   Added support for customized child prefixes (more info)
   Added support for map plugins (more info)
   Added support for %Custom_xxxx= and %Caches= for boolean values (more info)
   " Access =>Get caches" - removed the 30 limit when fetching by GCXXXX code (more info)
   GcGetcaches - added parameter GcCodes = (more info)
   Split screen image tweak (more info)
   Get Caches - added button to show total of matched caches (Get the number of caches about to be fetched *before* you do the fetch) (more info)
   Added high accuracy distance calculations to gcalc() and sqlite g_distance() functions (more info)
   SysInfo() - Added CSV option for actions that generate lists of data (more info)
   State is now only updated if not empty, "nil" or "none" (more info)
   Speed tweaks to "force unique CacheId" code (more info)
   Added tentative support for Lab Caches (more info)
   Better support for the new format of Terracaching GPX files (more info)
   Tweak to "File=>Restore" dialog (more info)
   Added automatic update of country if blank on load (more info)
   API Download PQ added Not(regex) (more info)
   URI support change (more info)
   Added error check when trying to run sql code that is blank (more info)
   Get Geocaches - Added support for selections by state/country (more info)
   Download PQs - Added totals to caption (more info)
   Database open/filter speed tweaks (more info)
   Added ConfigOther.txt option to configure GPS waypoint limit (more info)
   API "light" format now updated with Country and State (more info)
   Speed tweaks to GetCountry(), GetState() and GetCounty() (more info)
   Split screen formats now sorted alphabetically (more info)
   Added special tag %sqlite= (more info)
   Grid now displays container as an icon (more info)
   PNG image enhancements (more info)
   GPX files from - GSAK now correctly supports child waypoints (more info)


   Fixed a macro version check problem  (more info)
   Fixed a problem of loading zipped gpx files in the wrong order (more info)
   Publish logs - fixed a display issue when using saved settings (more info)
   Fixed a problem with smilies for trackables (more info)
   Fixed a problem with SysInfo("WindowsFolder:MyDocuments") (more info)
   Fixed a problem saving/deleting the 'Default' view in languages other than English (more info)
   Fixed an issue with loading Garmin ggz files (more info)
   Fixed an issue with waypoint highlights (more info)
   Fixed a repair/defrag issue (more info)
   Fixed a character set gpx load issue (more info)
   "File=>Restore" - Fixed a "strip absolute paths" issue (more info)
   Fixed a display issue with trackable logs (more info)
   Fixed a filter problem with child tab (more info)
   Fixed PostURL SSL problem (more info)
   Fixed PQ download grid sizing issue when DPI is non standard (more info)
   Fixed a problem with code sort in html export (more info)
   Fixed an issue with UserSort and double mouse click (more info)
   Fixed a problem with GSAK google maps when using IE8 - which usually means users still on windows XP (more info)
   Fixed Mytopo maps missing in dual screen (more info)
   Fixed a problem with "SpeedMode Status=RefreshAll" and dual screen (more info)
   Fixed a problem with print preview (more info)
   Fixed a problem with grabbed images (more info)
   Publish logs - fixed a problem with post load macro and saved settings (more info)
   Fixed an issue with the CacheType() function (more info)
   Fixed a problem with $_StartCtrl system variable (more info)
   bbcode conversion now used only on caches that don't support html (more info)
   Fixed a filter problem using "in list" and custom data (more info)
   Fixed problem of api corrected coordinates being deleted when using "light" api data (more info)
   Fixed a CustomConfig() issue (more info)
   Fixed a log date problem when doing GPX export (more info)
   Download PQs - Fixed an issue with invalid GUIDs (more info)
   GetCaches - fixed a problem with retracted caches (more info)
   Fixed an issue with system variable $_Special (more info)
   Fixed a grid view problem (more info)
   Fixed a direct sqlite update error (more info)
   Publish log trackables - Fixed a format issue (more info)
   Get Caches - fixed a problem with unpublished caches (more info)
   Publish logs - fixed a problem with %DayDnfCount tag (more info)
   Fixed and issue when loading "Locus Android" gpx files (more info)
   Fixed an issue with database properties when creating a new database (more info)
   "File=>Print" fixed a cosmetic issue when aborting print (more info)
   Fixed a problem with the macro command EXITSUB (more info)
   CsvGet() - fix for field separator issue (more info)

   Version history for V8.4 and older

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