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Debug (command)

DEBUG <STATUS=on|off> [<Height=nnn>] [<Width=nnn>] [<Left=nnn>] [<Top=nnn>]

The DEBUG command allows you to step through a macro. Each command in the macro will come up with a dialog showing the actual command and the value of all variables, just before the command is run. From this dialog you have the option to accept the command, skip the command, or stop the macro. You can turn DEBUG on and off anywhere in the macro by using the corresponding STATUS token:

On - Turn on debug
Suspend - Temporarily turn off debug (until "Resume" is used). If Debug is not currently on, then this option/command does nothing
Resume - Turn debug back on again after using "Suspend". If Debug is not currently on,  then this option/command does nothing
Off - Turn off debug

The purpose of the Suspend/Resume options are so that you can wrap blocks of known good code with them so you are not forced to debug each line over and over again when you turn debug on. For more information see this post

Height, Width, Left and Top are all optional and allow you to change the size and position of the debug dialog. All measurements (nnn) are in screen pixels. 

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