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Export (command)

EXPORT <Type=ExportType>  [<Settings="name">]  [<File="path\file">] [<From=nnn>] [<To=nnn>] [<max=nnn>]

The EXPORT command enables you to export the current subset of waypoints to your desired "Type". 

Type = The required export type. Codes for each export type are:
  • OZI - Ozi Explorer
  • HTML - Html output
  • GPS - output to GPS
  • MAGSD - Magellan SD card
  • GPX - output to GPX
  • POI - TomTom POI file
  • MXF - Maptech eXchange format
  • SNT - Microsoft Streets & Trips CSV format
  • CMT - CacheMate
  • MPS - MapSource
  • SAT - Street Atlas
  • WPT - MapSend
  • CUS - Custom 
  • FUG = Fugawi
  • PSP = Microsoft Pocket Streets
  • TPG = National Geographic Topo
  • DEL - Delorme Topo USA, Street Atlas Plus, etc
  • MEM - Memory map
  • USR - Lowrance USR
  • CSV - CSV/TXT file
  • GPI - Garmin POI file

    Settings = Name of the corresponding settings you would like to use for this export. You must have previously created these settings from that export dialog. If you do not provide a settings parameter, then the current values for the corresponding export dialog will be used.

    File = The fully qualified path to the file that you want the export to generate.  For example, "c:\program files\GSAK\My Files\auto.GPX"  For the HTML export, this parameter should be a folder only (that is, the path to the folder where GSAK creates the sub folder "cache" and places all the HTML files). If you leave this parameter out the file/folder name will be taken from the current dialog setting, or from the Settings token if you have used it. Note: The file token is not used/supported for the CUS type 

    From = There are times when you do not want to export all of the waypoints in your current sub set (for example you only want to export the first 200 waypoints). Use the From and To tokens to limit the waypoints exported. The from and to numbers a calculated using your current sort sequence (as displayed in the grid). To see the actual number of a waypoint in the grid, right mouse click on it and select "show current row number". The from number is your starting waypoint and is included in the export. From and to are both optional.

    To = See From. The to number is ending waypoint and is included in the export. 

    Max = The maximum number of waypoints to be exported. If this parameter is omitted then "maximum waypoints to send" value from the corresponding settings is used.

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