GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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FileCopy (command)

FILECOPY <From=Filename> <To=Filename> [<OnError=Abort|Prompt|Continue>]

This command allows you to copy files natively from the macro language.

From = Absolute path to the file being copied (wildcards for file names are supported)
To = Absolute path to the destination file/folder
OnError = Action to take if there is an error:

Abort - If there is an error copying the file GSAK stops the macro with the familiar error box. The macro cannot proceed and will abort after clicking on OK.
Prompt - The macro will bring up a pause dialog showing the error giving you the option to continue or abort
Continue - The error is ignored and the macro automatically continues to the next line without any error messages or intervention.

Note: When using the * wildcard to copy files, then the TO parameter should be just the folder name of the target.

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