GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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RunPgm (command)

RUNPGM <pgm="ProgramName.exe" [<parms=Parameters>] [<Wait=No|Yes>] [<Hide=No|Yes>]

Run any external program

Pgm = The program name to execute. The file name must be full qualified (For example, "c:\program files\MyProgram.exe")
Parms = Any parameters to pass to the program before running it. The Parms= gets special treatment in the macro language. Anything after the Parms= is passed verbatim as parameters to the program being called. If the parameters to your program require quotes, then be sure to include these. However, if your program does not require double quotes for the parameter(s) then do not use double quotes here as your program may produce unexpected results.
Wait = No (the default) continues on to the next line in the macro regardless if the program has terminated. Yes tells GSAK to wait until the program has terminated before running the  next macro command.
Hide = No (the default) opens and shows the running application. Yes, "hides" the application by running it minimized in the task bar. You can still click on the application in the task bar to see the application window if required.

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