GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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MacHeader (function)

MacHeader(sItem,[sMacroFile]) : string

This macro function allows you to retrieve the contents of the various header parts of a macro.

sItem - The macro header item to retrieve. Values include (case insensitive):

MacVersion - The macro version number
MacDescription - The macro description
MacAuthor - The macro author
MacFileName - The macro filename as specified by the header (this *should* always be the same as the physical macro file name)
MacUrl - The Http link to the macro in the GSAK macro library

sMacroFile - The parameter is optional. If omitted then the currently running macro will be interrogated. If this parameter is found then it must be the name of a physical macro file. If you just enter the macro file name then GSAK will look for this file in your default macro folder. If the macro file is not in the default macro folder, then use a fully qualified path for the macro file name.

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