GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Custom fields edit/add (Waypoint=>Custom data=>fields button=>add/edit

Here you define your custom fields

Field Name - Field name that will be used to reference this field (Used in the Grid display, Macro language, etc)

Type - Custom fields can be String,Integer,Real,Date, or Boolean. GSAK will try to enforce this type when adding/editing values. If you change the type of a field then the contents of existing data will be converted (best it can) to the new data type. 

Scope - Designate the field to appear in all databases, or just the current one only (global vs local)

Sequence - The order the field will display in dialogs (edit custom data, GUI filter, etc)

Default - The default value when a new cache record is added to the database (every cache record must have a corresponding Custom record, which is automatically enforced by GSAK)

Note: When Type = String, you also get the edit box option. Use small for the standard one line edit box which is usually associated with small length strings. Use large when the text for this field is large (notes for example). When set to large you can also set the pixel hight for the data input box (via Waypoint=>Custom data
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