GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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You can delete any waypoint from the current database.  Highlight the waypoint by clicking anywhere on the row, and press the Delete key.  Alternatively, right-click on the row and choose Delete from the menu.  GSAK displays the following dialog box:

The waypoint is completely removed from the current database.  However, the waypoint will be added back into the database if you open a GPX or LOC file that contains this waypoint.  If you do not want the waypoint to load back into this database then tick the Also stop future imports adding back in check box.  Ticking this box instructs GSAK to add this waypoint to the 'ignore list'.  When opening a GPX or LOC file GSAK interrogates this list to see if the waypoint should be added or not.

Use the radio buttons to choose one of two other options.  Choose All caches in filter to delete all waypoints in the active filter.  Note that this action will fail if there is no active filter set--to delete all waypoints in the database, choose Database   Delete All Waypoints.  Choose All user ticked to delete all waypoints that have the user flag set.

You can also prevent "locked" waypoints from being deleted by checking the corresponding box. For more information on locked waypoints see the lock flag

If you decide later on that you would like this waypoint to be added into this database you can delete this item from the 'ignore list'.  You do this via the menu option Database Maintain Ignore List.  For more information about this, see the Ignore List help topic.
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