GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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OziExplorer Waypoint Icons (File=>Export=>Ozi)

GSAK allows you to choose the icon to display for your waypoints in OziExplorer.  Although the GSAK makes provision for 150 icons, the actual number of supported icons depends on the make and model of your GPS receiver, as configured in OziExplorer.

It is not practical for GSAK to match up icons and names for every brand of GPS receiver on the market, so GSAK does not display the actual icon, but gives you the ability of choosing it by number.  However, icon number 5 for one brand of GPS receiver might be a house, whereas, for another brand, it might be a hospital.

One way to determine which icon matches a particular number is to open a Waypoint Properties dialog box in OziExplorer (right-click on any waypoint, then choose Properties from the resulting pop-up menu).  Click on the Waypoint Symbol drop-down box and scroll through the symbols until you find the one you want, and read off the corresponding number.  If you have assigned the GPS Symbol Set in OziExplorer's configuration under the GPS tab to match your GPS receiver, the symbols you see this way will be the same as you see on your GPS receiver when you upload the waypoints to it.  (Thanks to maccamob for providing this tip.)
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