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Custom Export (File=>Export=>Custom)

This export was created with the intention of mainly using GPSBabel to process a GPX file. However, you can run any program with this command, and you can choose to pass the GPX file as a parameter or not.

By checking the "Generate GPX file" before running custom program" you are effectively doing a "File=>Export=>GPX" before the custom program is run. Just select the required export setting to generate the required file with the required options.

Click on the "Default" button to generate the starting syntax for use with GPSBabel. Click on the GPSBabel link for full documentation on the correct syntax for your required file conversion.

When you click on the generate button, GSAK just creates a batch file (with the statement you have input, and then runs it "under the hood". If you tick the "debug" check box, GSAK will run the batch file, showing it in a command window and also add a "pause" statement to the end of the batch file so you can see any error messages that may have resulted when the command was run.

Click on any screen section for more information about that feature.

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