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XmlToSqlite (command)

XmlToSqlite File="File name"

XML is a somewhat ubiquitous format which is also very prevalent in data that is Geocaching related. "Geocaching friendly" GPSrs use it, GPX files use it, the Groundspeak api uses it, just to name a few.

For the uninitiated, XML files can be a bit daunting to read. There are many nuances and it really should be parsed by a "proper" XML reader. Terminology such as utf8 encoding, nodes, sub nodes, cdata, entities, attributes, can conjure thoughts of despair for anyone trying to process a XML file for the first time.

I had thought of implementing a full XML reader in the macro language, but for the reasons mentioned above I have decided to go down a different path. I am hoping this will remove many of these complexities, and provide the information in a format which is easily accessible and familiar with any macro author that has already used Sqlite.

The command will parse any XML file and convert it to a table called "xmldata" in your current database.

For example, I ran the command on one of my PQs and then viewed the contents of the table xmldata

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