GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Log Selection (Search=>Filter=>Logs)

The log selection can be broken down into 3 phases.

Phase 1 - GSAK first generates a subset of logs based on your selections of Date, log type, and Lastnn logs. Each of these items use "and" logic to make a query that will yield this subset. For example, if you selected Last4 and ticked only found and not found, then the sub set would be the last 4 logs that were either found or not found (In other words, excluding all other logs) 

Phase 2 - GSAK now interrogates the sub set from phase 1 to calculate a "log count". It uses your second selection of log types, and also the name match to see if each log from the sub set now meets these criteria. If the criterion is met, the "log count" is incremented by one.

Phase 3 - GSAK now compares the "log count" as per the drop down box (equal, greater than, between, etc) to give us a true or false result. Finally, if the result is true and you have selected the include option, then this cache will be included in the filter. If the result is true and you have selected the exclude option, then this cache will be excluded from the filter. Logically, the reverse applies if the result is false.

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