GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Remaining Columns

The meaning of these columns is as follows:

Placed By The name of the person who placed the cache.
Placed  The date the cache was placed.
Last Update The date that the cache was added to GSAK.
Last Found The date that the cache was last 'Found'.
Container The type of cache container.
Diff  The rating of the difficulty level for the cache.
Tern  The rating of the terrain.
State  The State that the cache is located in.

The above columns are displayed by default, however, you can also add (or remove)  more columns via the Tools menu (click Tools Options Display):

If your screen resolution is such that you cannot see all the columns (as is the case in this screen shot) you can scroll the grid to the right by using the horizontal scroll bar.

You can sort on any of these columns by clicking the column heading.  Each time you click the column heading, the sort sequence is toggled (ascending then descending).
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