GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Customize Status bar

Hover your mouse between the centre point panel and the counts panel and the cursor should show the resize symbol. You can now drag the counts section left or right to where you would like to see your counts on the screen. At all resolutions, and form sizes GSAK will now try to keep this distance between the counts and the right hand side of the form. The other 3 elements are re sized equally to the available space. 

If any of the descriptions in the others 3 panels will not fit, then GSAK will firstly "steal" blank space from the other panels to try and make it fit. If there is still not enough space for text to fit, then GSAK will start "stealing" blank space from the counts section. The count section still has priority, and will not give up any more space that would cause any of the counts not to be seen. If after all this "resizing" there is text in the status panels that still will not fit, then they are down sized equally so that each panel looses roughly the same amount of text. 

Finally, for the user that doesn't like all this "automatic" resizing of the status panels, go into Tools=>Options=>General (or right mouse click on the status bar) and uncheck the box "Automatically size status bar". When you do this GSAK will allow you to resize ANY of the status bar panels and these sizes will be preserved regardless of screen size, form size, or if text and counts will fit or not.

If you right mouse click on the status bar there are 2 options:

1. Reset bar to default size
2. Automatically resize
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