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Screen shots

At any time you can press Ctrl-Shift-F10 and GSAK will take a screen capture of the currently active window and automatically write a JPeg file called GSAKScreenShot.jpg to your desktop. You can then use this file when asked to provide a screen shot in the GSAK forums, or email to a friend (or any other use you can think of). 

In addition you will also get the following prompt:

If you select Yes, the image will be uploaded to the GSAK server and the contents of your clipboard will contain the text to show this image in a GSAK forum post. So all you need to do is press Ctrl-V to have this image show in any GSAK forum post. 

Note: Sometimes you will want to send an edited graphic to the Forum. For example, you might want to crop the image so that it only shows what you want; or you might want to use a graphics editor to add text notations, arrows, or other highlights to the graphic.In this case you don't want GSAK to send a copy of a screen dump to the GSAK web site; you want GSAK to send a copy of your edited graphic. 

1. Create your graphic, and edit it to your liking.
2. Save the graphic with a suitable file name, for example, gsak-forum.png. Portable Network Graphic (png) is the preferred format, because it creates good-quality graphics that are smaller in size than other formats.
3. Place the graphic in a known location on your hard disk, for example, C:\temp.
4. Take the option "Tools=>Open ConfigOther.txt" and find the entry #ScreenShotFile=. Uncomment this line (remove the #) and enter the fully qualified path to the image file you created in step 2 (in this example, C:\temp\gsak-forum.png), and save your changes. Note: You should only ever need to do this once. From then on, skip this step but make sure in step 2 you save the file to the same location and with the same file name. 
5. Make GSAK the active window.
6. Press Shift-Ctrl-F10.
7. GSAK does the following things:
    Interrogates the ConfigOther.txt file to ascertain the name of the image file you want to upload.
    Transfers the file to the GSAK web site (GSAK displays a progress dialog box while this happens).
    Allocates a unique file name to the image.
    Copies a text string to the Windows clipboard that you can use to insert the image into your Forum post.
    Displays the following dialog box:

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