GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Keyboard Shortcuts (Alphabetic)

Note: These are the default keyboard shortcuts shipped with GSAK. You can add/alter any of these via Tools=>Options=>Keyboard Shortcuts

Control Keys:
Ctrl-A  Options
Ctrl-B  Export StreetAtlas TXT File
Ctrl-D  Select Database
Ctrl-E  Export OziExplorer WPT File
Ctrl-F  Filter
Ctrl-G  Export GPX/LOC File
Ctrl-H  Export HTML Files
Ctrl-I  Show Offline in Browser
Ctrl-J  Export Microsoft Streets and Trips CSV File
Ctrl-K  Export Pocket Streets PSP File
Ctrl-L  Export National Geographic TOPO! TPG File
Ctrl-M  Run Macro
Ctrl-N  New Database
Ctrl-O  Load GPX/LOC File
Ctrl-P  Print
Ctrl-Q  Name Search
Ctrl-R  Set this cache as centre point
Ctrl-T  Add/Change/Delete Notes
Ctrl-U  Export MapSource MPS File
Ctrl-W  Export Fugawi TXT File

Cursor Control Keys:
Del   Delete Waypoint

Function Keys:
F1   Help
F2   View/Hide Split Screen
F3   Toggle Archive Status
Ctrl-F3    Set cache status directly to Archived 
F4   Show Online in Browser
F5   Show Offline in Browser
F6   Set all user flags
Shift-F6   set user flags for filter only
Ctrl-F6   set user flags for next nn
F7   Clear all user flags
Shift-F7   clear user flags for filter only
Ctrl-F7   clear user flags for next nn

Other Keys:
Esc   Cancel Filter

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