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For ease of use, all coordinate entry in GSAK is via a complete "string". Formats supported are Decimal Degrees, Decimal Minutes, Decimal Seconds, UTM, and British OS Grid. You do not have to specify what format you are using - GSAK uses an algorithm to automatically detect what format the coordinates are. This can be very handy when your coordinates are in different formats, because you can just copy and paste the data into GSAK (also see the grab utility).The NSEW indicator can be at the start, end, or left out (however, in that case you should use the minus sign to denote south latitude and west longitude). GSAK is also quite forgiving when using (or not) the degree symbol, minutes symbol, and seconds symbol. Also, the inclusion of varying amount of spacing is also supported. This feature uses part of the "Waypoint Grab" code, so you can paste in a whole line of data with extra words and GSAK will just pull out the valid coordinates. Not inclusive, but the following examples give you an idea of valid coordinate pairs supported that GSAK will accept  (in this case they are all the same coordinate):

-32.371267   115.827467
S32.371267   E115.827467
S 32.371267   E 115.827467
S  32.371267     E  115.827467
32.371267S   115.827467E
32.371267 S   115.827467 E
S 32 22.276   E 115 49.648
S 32 22.276   E 115 49.648
32 22.276 S   115 49.648 E
S 32 22 16.56   E 115 49 38.88
32 22 16.56S   115 49 38.88E
S 32 22' 16.56''   E 115 49' 38.88''
32 22' 16.56''S   115 49' 38.88''E
50H   E 389693  N 6417807
50H    389693  6417807

As mentioned before, the input uses some of the "grab" code so the following string would also be valid coordinates to enter:

Parking can be found at S  32.371267   E  115.827467. Have a nice day.

This also means that the format for locations should be easier to enter. Prior to Version 7 of GSAK the format for the locations was Name, Latitude, Longitude

This format is still supported for backwards compatibility but is now not required. The new format is name, coordinate string

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