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Get data via e-mail (File=>Get e-mail)

Use this option to automatically interrogate a pop3 server to download attachments, and then optionally load any GPX/LOC files into your current database.

The process works like this:

1. Fill out the required information (perhaps save your settings if you have multiple Pop3 accounts)
2. Click on the "Get Mail" button
3. GSAK will now try to log into your Pop3 account and interrogate all the message headers, one by one, to see if any match your given criteria
4. If GSAK finds a match, the subject line in the status bar turns red, and the attachments are downloaded to the requested folder
5. If the download is successful and you have ticked the "delete" option, the message is deleted from the server.
6. If you also ticked the "load" option, all files in the download folder will be loaded into your current database.

I suspect most of you that wanted this feature will really only use it in a macro.

GETMAIL <Settings="name"> [<OnError=Prompt|Abort|Continue>]

Google Mail accounts - There are some "quirks" with the pop3 access to these accounts that you should be aware of.

1. The delete option does not work
2. After downloading a message Google flags the message as being read and you can't pop3 the message again (from any email client) unless you go into your account settings and select the "Enable pop for all mail" again

Both these quirks apply to all email clients working with Google mail, not just GSAK

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