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Load CacheMate Logs and Finds (File=>Load CacheMate Logs)

CacheMate allows you to update your finds and add notes when out in the field. You can convert your cachemate database to a GPX file via the CM2GPX utility. This file includes Cachemate specific extensions that has this extra information.

Note: The CM2GPX utility is only required for the Palm version of CacheMate. The Pocket PC version of Cachemate can now natively generate GPX files so a utility is not required.

This option will import the CacheMate GPX file and update the user notes (or log section), and the found status. This would then sync Cachemate with GSAK and allow you to use the GSAK logging feature to log your finds on without having to key the information again. (or at least preserve your log notes in GSAK)

For an advanced macro that does all this for you click here

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