GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Set Filter - Attributes

GSAK allows you to set a filter by interrogating the attributes that match your selection criteria.

Note1: Groundspeak do not allow "No" for all attribute types, and accordingly GSAK does not provide a "No" check box for these.  

Note2: You can check both Yes and No boxes for the same attribute and still get matching results. It may seem illogical, but this combination will actually select a cache where the hider has specially included a "Yes" or a "No" for this attribute, rather than not bother to tell you one way or the other. Another way to look at this combination is that he hider "cares" enough about this attribute to include it. 

Example 1 - I want only caches that allow dogs and have picnic tables

Example 2 - I want only caches that allow dogs, and I would *prefer* they have a picnic table. It doesn't really matter if there are no picnic tables, but it *must* specifically allow dogs. However, if we know for a fact there are no picnic tables then I don't want it selected.

Example 3 - I want to hunt for some of the more difficult/obscure/unusual caches:

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