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Set Filter - Arc/Poly

This filter allows you to select waypoints along a route or inside/outside a fixed area.

The arc filter allows you to specify a straight line or a multi-segment curved line, and a distance from the line.  Then GSAK filters the database on these parameters.  The simplest arc filter is a straight line defined by two waypoints.  GSAK creates a filter that includes waypoints based on their proximity to the arc or line, as specified by the value in the distance field.

The polygon filter allows you to specify an irregular shape. GSAK creates a filter that includes all caches within the shape.  The start point and end point must be the same in order to define a closed shape.  The simplest polygon filter is a triangle defined with four waypoints: start waypoint1 waypoint2 finish (equal to the start waypoint).

The Points filter is similar to the arc/line filter, but only the given points are used in the calculations. This type of filter would be used when you have points for highway exits for example. 

Waypoint notes:
Latitude must be entered first (followed by a comma) then longitude.
You can cut and paste waypoints that are tab separated but GSAK will convert the tabs to commas.
Waypoints can be entered in decimal minutes or decimal degrees
If your format is decimal degrees, Latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere must start with the minus symbol, and Longitudes West of Greenwich start with the minus symbol.
You can use a waypoint from the current database by using the format "W,xxxxx" where xxxxxx = the waypoint code.

Using the "Load from file" button you can import coordinates from a text, GPX files (that contain waypoints, routes, tracks) and LOC files. GSAK also supports Street Atlas route files (ANR), MapSend Waypoint files (WPT), OziExplorer WPT files, MapSource (MPS) files, MapSource GDB files, Streets & Trips EST files, Google Maps Route KML files, and Autoroute AXE files, although it does use GPSBabel "Under the hood" to convert these to an acceptable format for the arc filter.

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