GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Set Filter - Children

GSAK allows you to set a filter by interrogating the child waypoints that match your selection criteria.

For options that allow regular expressions, see this topic for more information

Code - The child waypoint code
Type - The child waypoint type
Date - The creation date of the child waypoint
Name - The name of the child waypoint
Comments - The child waypoint comments
By User - Use to discriminate between user created child waypoints, and those loaded by Groundspeak GPX files

Count - This enables you to condition the selection of the cache depending on the number of "matched" child waypoints using the criteria from the previous selections

Child Flag actions -  Allow you to manipulate the child flags at the same time as setting the filter.
  • Clear all child flags .... - Select this option to clear out all child flags before the filter is run.
  • Set matching child flags - Select this option to set the flags of any child waypoints that match you selection criteria. This enables you to use this feature to export only the required child waypoints, as most export options support this option:

    You can also use the count option to find caches that don't have certain child waypoints. For example, if you want a filter of all caches that don't have any parking child waypoints:

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