GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Export CSV or TXT (File=>Export=>CSV)

Many programs accept CSV or TAB delimited text files and often this format is the lowest common denominator between programs.

The CSV files that GSAK generates will have all fields enclosed in double quotes and separated by a comma. TAB delimited files do not enclose the fields and each field is separated by a TAB (ASCII 09) character.

Use this export to generate a CSV or TAB delimited text file. Just set up view of the columns you want to export (and in the required order) then click on generate. If you have different text files you generate often then save both the view and settings, then you can generate them very easily. If you have more demanding requirements for your CSV or TXT file (prologue, more granular control of the fields that are surrounded by double quotes, etc) see the TextOut function using macros.

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