GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Export Garmin POI file (File=>Export=>Garmin POI

Use this dialog box to generate Garmin Point of Interest files (with the .gpi extension)

Note: You can't use this export to directly send this file to your GPSr using the Garmin protocol. From the GPSBabel help:

This module does not support direct transfer of .GPI files to receivers in Garmin protocol mode. For units like Nuvi, Zumo, or Streetpilot, just choose a file that's on the drive where your GPS is mounted. For units like the X series (GPSMap 60CSx, GPSMap 60Cx, Legend Hcx, etc.) you must explicitly put the unit in mass storage mode or mount the memory chip in an external reader and transfer the file directly.

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