GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Get recent logs ( access=>Get recent logs

Use this option to fetch log data for any cache or filter of caches. The api only gets the number of logs requested and unlike a PQ you are not guaranteed to get your log unless it is in the number of logs retrieved

Scope - Current cache only will fetch logs for the cache that is currently selected in the Grid. All in current filter will fetch logs for each cache in your current filter

All logs newer than in database - This option allows you to "catch up" on the most recent logs. GSAK will attempt to fetch all those logs that are newer than those currently in the database for that cache (see caveat)

All logs - This option will attempt to fetch all logs that for the cache that are currently not in the database (see caveat) 

Custom -  Select this option to fetch a custom selection of logs. The starting number is the first log to fetch and the "Max logs" is the number of logs to fetch from (and includes) the starting number. 

Show summary when finished - check this box to have GSAK display a summary of the fetched logs

Caveat - Currently the api does not provide a mechanism where by the "All log" options are guaranteed to work. GSAK uses the api as best it can to satisfy these options but there are edge cases where some logs may not be fetch. For more information see this link

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