GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Update user information ( access=>Update user information

Select this option to synchronize vital GSAK settings with the values from

Home coordinates - Check this box to update your GSAK home coordinates so they match those you have entered at (this also updates your "Home" location found via "Tools=>Options=>Locations")

Update matching - In order for GSAK to update internal information (like "Found by me date"), GSAK must be able to identify who you are at Selecting this option will automatically update your matching option (via "Tools=>Options=>General") to use your user ID 

Note: Regardless if these boxes are checked or not, GSAK also updates the table "UserInfo" in the database gsak.db3 (located in your [application data] folder). You can then use the macro command Sqlite() to fetch any of these values. To give you an idea of the information saved, run the following macro code:

$status = sqlite("open","$_AppData\gsak.db3")
$data = sqlite("sql","select * from UserInfo","Headings=Yes")
$html = sqltohtml($data,"User Info","y")

This should open your default browser showing a report similar to:

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