GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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GSAK includes support for multiple (up to a maximum of 5) accounts for use with the api. 

Support is initiated when you "get" an access token. For each account you own, take the option to get another access token

When you do your first tokenget, you should see the user name you logged in as at the very bottom of your access menu with a check mark on the left hand side (to indicate this user is "active")

When you do your next token get, you should see another user added to this menu.

Now you can swap users by simply selecting the user from this menu - you won't be asked to log into again. 

At any time you can take the main menu option " access" to view the currently selected user (the one with a check mark along side it)

In addition, the macro language supports this feature via the command GcSwapToken and SysInfo("CurrentUser")

This should enable you to swap tokens via a macro, so that all api functions will use that account. This command just mimics the same action via the main menu. The user name is *not* case sensitive.

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