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Custom HTML icons

The icons/images used in all the GSAK generated HTML can be customized. For more information see this link

The trigger is the existence of the folder "GsakHtml" in your "UserImages" folder. The "UserImages" folder can be found in your [application data] folder (which can be found using "Tools=>Folder finder")

So the folder structure would be:

[Application data]\UserImages\GsakHtml

If this folder exists, then *all* GSAK generated html will link to this folder for images to display.

To avail yourself of this feature the procedure would be:

1. Create the folder "GsakHtml" in your "UserImages" folder.
2. Copy over all the images from [GSAK install folder]\Images to this folder (Your install folder can be found using "Tools=>Folder finder")
3. Now override any image files in your "GsakHtml" folder that you would like to be different than the current GSAK ones.

Note: If you don't do step 2, then you will likely get broken image links. In other words, once this folder is created, GSAK will *always* use it to link to the various images that it uses in the HTML files it generates. To turn this feature off, delete or rename your "GsakHtml" folder. 

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