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Custom Grid images

You can customize the images shown in the GSAK Grid. Sometimes this is just the column header, but others are found in both the header and the actual cell if a "True" value is found. 

The trigger for this feature is having icons stored in the folder [Application data]\UserImages\GsakGrid

The "UserImages" folder can be found in your [application data] folder (which can be found using "Tools=>Folder finder")

Images *must* be .bmp files, and the transparency color will be the same color as the top left pixel. 

The default size is 16 x 16 pixels, but you don't *have* to make your .bmp files this size. For users that are using non standard DPI settings (larger) or would just like to see larger icons you may want to try bigger icons (you would then probably also need to change your "grid row height (pixels)" setting - see Tools=>Options=>Display) .

However, please note the following:

1. All images *must* be the same size. You can't mix in different size images
2. If using the default size of 16 x 16, then you only need to include the images you want to change.
3. If using non default size (anything other than 16 x 16) then you must include a set of *all* images.
4. The dimensions (width and height) do not have to be a square (that is, they don't have to be the same size)

File names:

The screenshot below lists the *suggested* file names for non Cache type icons (cache type icons are used in other dialogs so they must be treated differently). You can elaborate on these, but you must start the file name with "Grid" (not case sensitive) and the number must be just before the extension. It is *very* important to get this number right, as these icons are stored internally by number and not name. 

For example, if you wanted a more descriptive file for the "User flag" icon, then a valid file name would be:

GridUserFlag22.bmp or Grid_UserFlag_22.bmp

Note that Grid46.bmp and Grid47.bmp are the check box icons. You will see these in the user flag, FTF, watch, and any "boolean" custom fields.

So if you don't like these check boxes you can change them, but be aware that *all* these columns will now use them.

Cache type icons - These icons are shared, so changes will not only show in the grid but also the filter dialog (other tab) and ">Get Caches" . Same condition applies to these images as the grid images, but the names should all begin with "Cache". The required numbers are as per the screen shot below:

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