GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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ConfigOther.txt file (Tools>Open ConfigOther.txt)

Warning - this topic is for advanced users only.

There are some GSAK features that I believe the new/average user should not be confused with (or find daunting) and hence they are deliberately somewhat hidden. These features are enabled/configured by updating entries in the ConfigOther.txt file. This file includes forum links where you can find out more information about each feature. To see the forum discussion about this feature click on this link


  1. The hash symbol (#) in position 1 is used to define a comment line (same as used in the macro language)
  2. To enable adding of ANSI characters that are not easily accessible via the keyboard the chr() function is supported (see note 2 on this page for more information)
  3. The ConfigOther.txt file is read before any operation that may be effected by these settings. This way, any changes you make will be used immediately, rather than having to exit GSAK and start again.

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