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Column hints

If you hover your mouse over any column that has a icon in the header, a popup hint will show a description of that column. 

If you hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key and then click on any column header you will get a "special" hint. This special hint will depend on the type of information that shows in the column. 

For columns that have a check box in them, holding down the CTRL/SHIFT key and clicking in the column heading will show the total number of records "checked"

For columns that do not have a check box in them, using Ctrl-Click will list the totals of each distinct value. For example, Ctrl-Click on the "Container" column heading and you should then see a hint something like the following pop up:

Using Shift-Click will pop up a hint showing the count of the unique values in that column. So for the same database, using Shift-Click shows:

To remove the pop up hint, just click on it or move your mouse inside the hint then back out.

Finally, if you hold down both the CTRL and SHIFt keys, GSAK will show a sortable summary in the split screen (note that the sum/distinct line only shows if the column is numeric)

The following section is for Advanced users only

However, it doesn't stop there! The "CTRL key" hint is only the default shipped with GSAK - you can customize these hints to show the result of any Sqlite query. To do this, add a valid sqlite query in the [Column Hints] section of your ConfigOther.txt file (take the menu option "Tools=>Open ConfigOther.txt"). For example, uncomment the following line in your ConfigOther.txt file:

#LastGPXdate=Select "<br><b>Newest: </b>" || max(lastgpxdate)|| " <br>   <b>Oldest:</b> " || min(lastgpxdate) from caches where rowid in (select * from gridtemp)

Note1: the "where rowid in (select * from gridtemp)" part of the sqlite query, is used to restrict the results to your current filter. 
Note2: the control used to display the hint supports a limited subset of HTML - for more information see this page

Now, when you Ctrl-Click on the Last GPX Date column heading you get a pop up hint like:

If your Sqlite query generates many lines, the hint may not fit on the screen. In this situation (or if you want a more permanent record), use the Shift-Click rather than Ctrl-Click and the results will show in the slit screen where you can scroll (and use copy/paste if required)

For more information on this feature see the corresponding discussion thread in the GSAK forum here.
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