GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Load from file (Search=>Filter=>Arc/Poly)

Use this option to load in your coordinate pairs from a file. GSAK supports the format as mentioned above in waypoint notes, but you can also load GPX files (that contain waypoints, routes, tracks) and LOC files. GSAK also supports Street Atlas route files (ANR), Streets & Trips EST files, MapSend Waypoint files (WPT), OziExplorer WPT files, Google Earth KML files, and MapSource (MPS) files, although it does use GPSBabel "Under the hood" to convert these to an acceptable format for the arc filter.

Select the replace option to completely replace all the points you currently have in the input box. Select append if you want the points added to the existing points in the input box. 

Note: If you are loading a format that also supports routes and tracks (MapSend, MapSource, for example) make sure that only one type of data is included in the source file otherwise you will get unpredictable results. That is, the file should only contain waypoints, or routes, or tracks - not a combination of these.  
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