GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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"Newer Only" or "Always" or "Existing Only" or "Add only" Radio Buttons (File>Load GPX/LOC)

Newer Only: Click this radio button if you want the waypoint information to be updated only if the GPX file you are converting is newer than the last GPX date in the database. GSAK interrogates the GPX file to obtain this date. If there is no date inside the GPX file, then GSAK uses the physical file date for this comparison.  

Always: Click this radio button when you want to make sure the GPX/LOC file will update the offline database regardless how old the data is.

Existing Only: Click this radio button when you only want to update the waypoint if a corresponding waypoint already exists in the database. GSAK will use the waypoint code to determine if the waypoint exists or not. If the waypoint code exists in the database, then the incoming data will update the database regardless of the time stamp of the incoming data.

Add Only: Click this radio button when you only want waypoints that do not exist in the database added. That is, any waypoints that already exist in the database will be ignored and not updated. 
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