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How to handle the "additional" waypoints (File>Load GPX/LOC)

For a complete overview of these waypoints please see this topic.

Exclude - This option allows you to just ignore these waypoints. Any additional waypoints found in the GPX file(s) loaded will be ignored. This will be the norm for users that have no use for these waypoints or don't want them to impact performance on certain databases.

As normal waypoint - This option will allow you to add the waypoint as just a normal every day waypoint. That is, as a record in its own right in the grid. You then have all the familiar GSAK menu options and Macro commands to manipulate these waypoints. However, no effort is made to provide a Parent-child type relationship. The waypoints will exist in their own right and will be treated all as individual entities just as if the waypoints had been loaded from any source.

As child waypoint  - This option will generate the waypoints to a separate file in a true Parent-Child relationship. They will not show up in the grid and you can only use these waypoints in features that support "child waypoints"
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