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Indices to Generate (File=>Export=>HTML)

Here you can select which index summaries you would like to generate. By selecting only the ones you want it will help to speed up utilities such as Plucker when converting the HTML to a PDA.

A couple of indices here are worth a special mention:

Cache Density - The HTML "cache density" summary will show you the top 50 caches in descending order of density of nearby caches. In other words, the cache with the most number of caches closest to it will be listed first, followed by the next, etc.  You can select the distance GSAK scans to produce this summary

Special - This index allows you to create a custom HTML index using special tags. For example if you would like a custom index by container type enter the special tag of %con. For a summary by user data enter %user. You can also combine special tags, so if you wanted an index by user data broken down by container you could enter %user - %con

See also user name and owner ID

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