GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Convert, Copy images (File=>Export=>HTML)

GSAK allows you to add any graphic picture on your hard drive to your user notes (see the picture button). When you do this GSAK inserts the HTML code to show this picture in any offline HTML that GSAK uses. For example if you add the picture "spoiler.jpg" that resides in the folder c:\temp GSAK will insert the following code in your user notes <img src="file://C:\temp\spoiler.jpg" alt="picture">

This works great while the HTML code is run on your computer with the pictures in the various folders. The problem arises when you do html generation (File=>Export=>HTML) and then copy the generated html files (usually the folder "cache") over to another computer or your pocket PC. The html files copy over fine, but because all the user note images have the link to the files on your computer, they will not show in your browser view.

Checking this option now addresses this issue. If you select this option GSAK will copy all the images it finds links to in your user notes to the "cache" folder and converts the links to reflect the image in the current folder. Taking the example above the link <img src="file://C:\temp\spoiler.jpg" alt="picture"> would be converted to <img src="spoiler.jpg" alt="picture">

These pictures should now show on your destination computer or pocket PC.

Warning: If you have many pictures at high resolution this will dramatically increase the size of your exported "cache" folder.
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