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PDA Friendly (File=>Export=>HTML)

One of the main issues with HTML on a PDA is that it can be very slow to display the HTML if there are many files in a folder. The default settings for the HTML export place all the generated HTML files and image files in the one folder. This makes for easy transport of the data because you only have to copy the one folder, but can result in many files in that one folder.

If you check this option GSAK will split all the HTML files into separate sub folders. You can control how many files will be placed in each folder via the "Files per folder" box. In addition, all images are placed in the sub folder "images". 

In addition, the default GSAK html layout is set to one column only, rather that being split into two as you currently see in the split screen view. As a pda has far less screen real estate, the 1 column format is a lot easier to read. 
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