GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Automatic Backup (Tools=>Options=>General)

GSAK can automatically backup up all your databases and settings when you exit the program. GSAK keeps a rolling copy of your most 5 recent backups. The backup files are named,, ....

The most current backup is always - You can restore a backup using the File=>Restore menu option. 

Enable - check this box to enable the automatic backup feature.
Prompt - Check this box to have GSAK prompt you with the option to perform the backup or not. If left unchecked the backup will happen automatically.
Include Images - Check this box to include all Grabbed Images in your back up file.
Frequency - Select how many times you use (exit) GSAK before the backup is actually done. Note: The frequency count is only incremented if you actually change something (database or settings) in GSAK during that session. 
Folder - Enter the folder where the backups are to be stored. Click on the find button to navigate and select the required folder. 

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