GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Run Program (Tools=>Options=>Advanced)

GSAK allows you to run a program (similar to URLs) passing parameters to it in the form of special %tags. You can use all the special tags available, but two in particular will only work with this option - %GPX and %loc
As soon as you enter items in this "run program" box, you will notice another option will be added to the right click menu (just below the custom URL option). Take this option to run your custom program against the selected waypoint.

For example, if have created a .bat file to do some special processing on a waypoint you could enter the following here:
My Bat file=c:\program files\temp\Mybat.bat;%code %GPX
Anything before the = is the option description that will show in the right click menu. Anything after the = but before the first semi colon is the file path of the program to run. 
%GPX = Full path to the corresponding GPX file for this waypoint
%loc = Full path to the corresponding LOC file for this waypoint
If you use either of these 2 new tags, GSAK will automatically generate the corresponding GPX/loc file in the temp folder of the install folder of GSAK for the selected waypoint.
Note: if your Install folder of GSAK contains spaces you would usually enclose these tags in quotes, "%GPX" for example.
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