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Smart name conversions (Tools=>Options=>General)

This smart name property will allow you to convert the waypoint name text before the smart name algorithm is applied. Conversions are in the form:


So if a particular cache hider uses a similar name for all his placed caches, this will allow you to convert them to your own liking for smart name calculation:

For example, to convert all caches that have the text "Green Mile Series" in them to "GMS" the entry would be:

Green Mile Series=GMS

You can effectively delete the before text by leaving the after text blank. For example, if you did not want "Green Mile Series" to factor into the calculation of the smart name at all then the entry would be:

Green Mile Series=

You can click on the edit button to bring up a dialog to make entering of the conversions more intuitive.

Note: Conversions also support the use of the chr() function to escape the ";" or "=" characters if they exist in the cache name. It can also be used for characters that are not easily entered from the keyboard. For more information see note2 in the global replace help screen.
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