GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Interrogate Logs for Founds/DNF etc (Tools=>Options=>Advanced)

As some information is not provided directly by the Groundspeak GPX file, by default, GSAK will interrogate the logs after a GPX load to update certain information in the GSAK database.

The information that GSAK will update from the logs includes:

1. Found status and count. This enables GSAK to get your found count correct by catering  for caches that allow multiple finds and also update the cache to found for some types (For example, the Web Cam cache) that GPX files do not automatically flag as found. If GSAK finds a "found log" by you, it will then update the cache as "found" regardless what the status might be from the incoming GPX file. 
2. Found by me date
3. DNF status
4. DNF date

If you do not want GSAK to do this interrogation and update, then uncheck this option in the Tools=>Options=>Advanced panel. 

If you just want a single cache to not have this automatic update of this information done, then "lock" that waypoint. See Waypoint=>Edit
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