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Version check (Tools=>Options=>Advanced)

If you are connected to the Internet, GSAK can check in the background to see if you have the latest version and give you a message if there is a newer version available. Uncheck this box if you don't want this automatic check done.

Daily - The check is done once per day only. For example if you start GSAK 5 times in the one day, only the first start up of GSAK will trigger the version check.

Every time GSAK runs - This check will be performed every time you start GSAK

Also check for patches - GSAK patched versions are mainly "Hot fixes" to quickly fix reported problems, but can also include new features. They do not include an updated help file and can only be installed over an existing full install of GSAK. Patched versions of GSAK traditionally don't pop up as newer versions. This is mainly so users are not bombarded by messages to continually update to a newer version of GSAK.However,  some users do prefer to be automatically notified of new patches. The option is set off by default. If you want new features you will need to set this option on via "Tools=>Options=>Advanced"  If there is a newer patched version of GSAK you will get the familiar update notice and you can click on the link to update automatically. At any time you can still do a manual check via "Tools=>Check for newer version of GSAK"

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